Second Chances

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Description: Movie by jsmith0316. Originally released March 5, 2006. If you like this movie, and feel it should have more attention help me get my first hot pick! I would appreciate it a ton. James Meyers is a man stuck in a rut, he lives his ordinary life from day to day. He would do anything to escape from the boredom of "just another day". An accident on the subway may just provide him with that escape. Will a brush with death teach James to treasure life? Will love save him? I AM AWARE THAT JAMES DOSE NOT VOICE HIS ROLE>> THIS SEEMS TO BE A GLITCH IN THE GAME THAT I CAN NOT FIX WITHOUT STARTING ALL OVER. PLEASE REFRAIN FROM MARKING MY RATING DOWN FOR THIS. A Huge thanks to Dulci and Jcbtkht for there voice over work. Also a thanks to Mortalis Infinitas for his excellent music. Finally Thank you to Mr. Rainbow for the hospital room set.
Categories: Romance Drama