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Description: Erotas is about a artist by the name of Peter Coulter, Peter is a struggleing artist trying to earn money from his paintings. Peter isen't like your other aritst..Oh no. Every single one of Peter's paintings feature a mysterious woman, It seem's to be Peter's muse. The one problem though, this woman is dead and she diden't just die recently, but died when she was 7 years old. Peter knew this girl when he was younger, but when she dissappered he became depressed. Peter now in his late 20's, still tries to find a woman that resembles Mia. Peter begins to date different woman, but every girl seem's to have a genetic or feature that belongs to Mia. No matter how hard he tries, Peter just can't get away from Mia. Starring: Anthrcrane Kiddicliche ArtsGirl12 MayDayParade UFK Productions & Oritasho.
Categories: Art House Romance Drama