Friends vs Foes 2: Nightmares (3D Movie Maker)

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Description: NOTE: This is a re-upload due to the missing icon glitch. The second installment of this really messed up series. It is titled \"Nightmares\" for no reason whatsoever. You know something is wrong when you can't even figure out what is meant to be going on in a movie YOU made. SPOILERS: This one is even more random than the last. These guys are kept captive, they all survive falling in a lava pit, one is hospitalized and recovers in less than a minute, and new characters like a superhero, another guy and a dog are introduced. At one point there are even characters such as a fat bloke and some guy in a red coat who have nothing to do with the \"story\". Even still, the weirdest is yet to come. I also don't know why I used a real production company (Miramax Films) for the series.
Categories: Action Comedy