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Description: Inspired by the films produced by Val Lewton, this short slasher film takes place in the 1930's. It's about a young mobster named James who fears for his life after several mobsters around the city are found dead. Honorable Mentions 1st place in the 2010 Harb Passion Competition. Starring Allie Manasco MacWemyss RGR BenTuttle90 Music by Freeplay Kevin MacLeod Peter Rudenko Yunus Sound Effects by Sony Soundsnap Fallout 3 Freesound.org BenTuttle90 (Rain sfx) Mods by Dr. House Tarison MarvellousGuppi Frenhofer BenTuttle90 Darkwolf Frenhofer Walvince Attypik George Locust FraasMovies MikeDBoing Rileyman Rysto SamyHouse Visual FX Fallout 3 Video Co Pilot Fire fx
Categories: Horror Mystery Romance