After The Dead

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Description: After the Dead is an Iclone animated 'Documentary' about a Zombie apocalypse, which began in 1967 and ended very suddenly in 1995. Forward to 2015...the 20th anniversary of the dead STAYING dead...and the year in which the documentary about the apocalypse is released. It features interviews with survivors from all walks of life, as well as reconstructions of important events and footage 'from the vaults'. The movie itself features a voice over cast of 17 people lending their talents to over 30 characters. For most of the music used in this movie, go to... All other music by Kipster (written especially for After the Dead) and Bezzer (me). WARNING: THIS FILM CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE AND SCENES OF VIOLENCE AND SHOULD NOT BE VIEWED BY ANYONE UNDER THE AGE OF 16 This is a re-up of the same After the Dead movie I released on 1st September 2014, but with a new set of end credits. The original upload credits were missing a couple of important names (Gabriel Dunn and Edan Mackenzie), which have been added to this version. The movie itself is exactly the same as the original upload.