Grayskull: Part 7

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Description: Part 7 of the grayskull movie, as adam finally accepts his destiny at the cost of hurting those closest to him, skeletor is massing a vast army to find and eliminate adam and the rebels. once again, this wouldnt have been possible without the superb voice actors who contributed their work towards this move they are as follows: Adam: JosephKw Skeletor: JohnnyEx Teela: Bella Mossman: 6HM Duncan: 6HM Trapjaw: Mustachio26 Evil Lynn: Bella Sorceress: Slackbot soldier 1: Macwemyss soldier 2: TINMAN soldier 3: JosephKw also, i have to give massive, massive thanks to bud bundys mullet for the superb castle grayskull model that he created. im sure you will agree, it looks great : - ) music comes from the 300 soundtrack, the lord of the rings soundtrack, and the mummy returns soundtrack. in front of the castle theme by shuki Levy