The Limit

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Description: Movie by Matwey. Released Nov 30, 2007. Genre: Shemovie * Slogan: “You shoot, when can't hear the truth.” Description: This film shows how the person can reach a limit. Why the strong friendship can will collapse? Why the one who yesterday has helped, today directs on you a pistol? This film will try to give you the answer to these questions. * Short emotional movie (shemovie) - is short (no more than 7 minutes of 10 seconds) film, it is emotional or ideologically sated up to a limit. Usually the emphasis is made on an internal drama of the hero, his experiences. Typical examples of shemovie: Crossed, Suicide, Long Life, Nothing. ---------------- Director & script writer: Matwey Karpunin (GENESiS, MATWEY). Modding: Alexandr, NortoN, Jon, Rigor, MATWEY Transtate: Stealth. Music: All music from Special thanks: Nolir@, Stealth
Categories: Romance Drama