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Description: A salute to the classsic B-movies! Like THEM! or Empire of the Ants! ONLINE quality version. All three parts into one whole picture. HIGHEST Quality: CAUTION CONTAINS: Mild Language Bloody/scary images Brief nudity Ant carnage! ALOT of people made this film possible, I can never thank them enough! VOICE ARTISTS: K4ownzall------------ Anthony Sisch------------------- Specialist Anna Dunham Goofparade---------- Father Anothernewdawn--- Lt. Colonel Nigel Jase180--------------- Commander, Sub-Commander Rjanaconda---------- Boater Snakeeater----------- Movie-goer Thebiz----------------- Spy Store Owner MefuneAkira---------- SWAT Leader Stvndysn------------- London Bobby Nukester------------- London Driver Ellis07---------------- London Jumper Ethunrunt------------ London Civilian Kwistufa------------- Aussie Exterminator, Aussie Old Lady Biggstrek------------ Aussie Exterminator Allen Ubernewbie--------- Tank Sergeant Mr. Buggules------- Russian Major, Russian Pilots Zarrmida------------- Russian Base Commander Ethan Hunt---------- Russian Gunner JKAT------------------ Sandra, Jennifer Rysto----------------- Jack MUSICAL ARTISTS: Goofparade-------------- Drama Build, Worry/Pulse Tension, Repeato Pluked Tension, Tamborines and Ants, Building Violins, Short 'n Spooky Madboss----------------- Waltz of Blades ( Denny Schneidemesser---- Alpha Animal, Yin & Yang, Off to Nowhere, Serpent's Grave Suite ( MODDING: Dr. House, Reacher, 6-Headed Monster, Monkeybiz, Melghoul, Fraasmovies, Biggstrek, Walvince, Mr. Batchy, Killerbee, Rik Vargard, Gleem, Budbundysmullet, Bongoman, Temple of the Gods, Marvellousguppimovies, Johan Sturk, Busstopwilly, Rileyman, Evolchild, Jabhacksoul, Tarison, Stvndysn, MikDBoing, Ubernewbie MODDING SITES: DCMF, Skinshack, TMO Bar & Grill, Modcafe, FraasMovies, 8eyedbaby, Tiersix Shwew---Hope I didn't forget anyone! Let me know if I have! Special thanks to the Russian TMO community!
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