The Smoking Indians - Man On A Wire (live music video)

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Description: *UPDATE* - The original video has been removed.. here is the updated version: Hey guys, finally a new upload lol.. Not sure if it's suitable to post this here since it's not really machinima or a live action film but figured I'd put it up so people could see what I've been getting up to :P Basically it's a live music video of my band in action back in April, playing our song Man On A Wire. Lead Guitar - William Ewart Drums, Backing Vocals - David Thomson Bass Guitar - Daniel Crossley Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar - Edan Mackenzie (me) Lyrics: I can't get none The street's alive beneath the setting sun He's a loaded gun He's living fast but he's her favourite son I don't know what to say I'm locked in place to turn the other way In all the shadow play I get the feeling I've been led astray Man on a wire (x4) In the morning light His only goal is to stay out of sight A never-ending fight A constant struggle to forget last night And the things I do I've saved him countless times he never knew But now we're through And the foot is in the other shoe Man on a wire (x4) Solo Man on a wire (x8) If you like the song we have a fully mastered version available for free as part of our EP.. you can download it here: Also feel free to check out our Facebook page if you like what you hear, leave a like, etc: Any feedback, comments etc are much appreciated :)