BATMAN:ROGUES GALLERY -Batman/Bruce & Catwoman & Alfred

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Description: Confronting his fears of abandonment and injustice, billionaire BRUCE WAYNE juggles his personal life with Gotham's radio talk-show host VICKI VALE, the ex-Mayor's daughter attorney RACHEL DAWES, his elderly father-figure and butler ALFRED PENNYWORTH, and CATWOMAN/SELINA KYLE, once adversaries, now a vigilante trying to win his heart. BRUCE'S alter-ego BATMAN fights super-villains PENGUIN, MR FREEZE, SCARECROW, TWO-FACE, HUGO STRANGE, THE RIDDLER, POISON IVY, BANE, THE BLACK MASK, RA'S AL GHUL, HARLEY QUINN, and the "Clown Prince of Crime"...JOKER. The always honorable Commissioner JIM GORDON, works diligently with BATMAN/BRUCE, ALFRED, THE MAYOR, and RACHEL), to rid GOTHAM CITY of THE DARK KNIGHTS: Rogues Gallery. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WRITTEN & DIRECTED BY ROCCO ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Clip (Slow Frame Rate/Stuttering due to old software/Comp power/ect) from the full featured BATMAN: ROGUES GALLERY movie...coming soon --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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