Innocence Sacrificed

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Description: Movie by ChocolateErinMouse. Released February 18, 2006. **************************************** Warning. Mature Themes. **************************************** Zdenka is a girl who is caught in the world of internet pictures – you know – the kind you download when no one else is around... I hope you enjoy our movie and learn something from it as well. These girls are more than just pictures. They are real people. All individuals. It is also a powerful and emotional film with strong action, music, and voices by Erinnicole93, Vanessa and friends. The english mistakes in Zdenka diary were not done on purpose but were not fixed on purpose, as zdenka is a young Russian girl who not have a perfect english. Some people find that Zdenka have asian features and that it is strange for a russian but Russia population is not only white caucasians but too a big part of several populations of asians , eurasians, mongolians from former soviet republics. Music Justin R Durban for "goodbye" PhantomRaul for "Elven ocarina"
Categories: Drama