The Outland - Freeport 7 Promo

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Description: For as long as anyone can remember the Strazi have been a threat. For over 300 years the Liberty Security Forces have maintained early warning observation posts on the Strazi border in the Outland. The Strazi are a powerful and belligerent species whose repeated incursions and attempted invasions were repeatedly turned back. Each time at a high cost. Then the attacks stopped. For almost a generation not a single Strazi incursion was reported and Coalition members were beginning to breathe a sigh of relief. The LSF kept a tight rein on the Outland and was able to maintain adequate funding of its operations by continually broadcasting historical images and footage from previous Strazi battles and atrocities. Peace has its dividends and some of the Coalition leaders were ready to cash in. Public apathy was growing as the threat diminished but the funds kept coming and the orders still stand... remain vigilant. This is a pilot episode... less than 10 minutes introducing the Outland.