Farce of the Zombies

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Description: Well after months of production, here is Farce of the Zombies. Matthew is a ordinary person whose life is completely stressed out. His boss has these bad jokes, a annoying jogger taunts him about his car... and now he faces a zombie outbreak that has taken the entire world. Will he survive? Farce of the Zombies Written & Directed by BenTuttle90 Script Edited by Mefune Akira & Kit06 Starring MikeDBoing KatDBoing Act3Scene24 Tie JohnnyEx EthanRunt SaxyGirl08 TFoster Snowfender SnakeEater42 AsaOLeary123 MacWemyss Kit06 ThePoptartKid Werecool BenTuttle90 Bella Dippi89 Ken White Mods by MikeDBoing SexyMaria MarvellousGuppiMovies Tarison Dr. House FraasMovies Rileyman Ranger21 Rysto The Folks who created MED Frenhofer Merzlinn Werecool Hirsches AsaOLeary123 Attypik Samyhouse Sound Effects by Freesound, Fallout 3 Nexus and Soundsnap. Music by Denny Schneidemesser, Kevin MacLeod, Spirit Johnny Rivers, and the City Of Prague Philharmonic. MSNBC overlay created by Burkey1993