Hard Life

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Description: It's the negative experiences in life that form you the most, but it's the positive experiences that give you strengh, that make you love life. Cast: pookashells as Robert OD-Ork-Boy as Jo K4ownzall as Father Mrs Guppi as Mother Sisch as Becky NicklasM as Young Robert Music: Ehma (www.jamendo.com/free for commercial use when credited) Modding: Rileyman, Tarison, ubernewbie, DrHouse, Walverine, Fraasmovies, TheFlyingDuDe and the dc-modding team. Moddingsites: 8eyedbaby.com, fraasmovies.com, skinshack.co.uk and dcmodding.com Soundeffects: The Movies Game and self recorded. Special Tanks to Rileyman for all his great modding tools. NicklasM for motivation and his oppinion on everything.
Categories: Romance Drama