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Description: The last act of the epic story of Cleoapatra, Caesar and Antony. Staring: H_Finochiaro as Cleopatra Alfric as Marc Antony JazzX as Octavian Dulci as Octavia Docontheweb as Apollodorous RJB2112 as Rufio Mustachio26 as Agrippa Carole Leslie as Atia Kingpingvin as Claudius Scisch as Livia MrsGuppi as Charmian JazzX as Narrator This is the film with the temp music tracks. At this point there will be no music for the flim by Admultosantos as he had to drop out due to prior commitments. The score for the film is by Alex North and Jeff Beal. We also lost our wonderful IchthusADMR as Octavian, But JazzX stepped in and saved the day! And what a wonderful performance he gave which blends seamlessly with IchthusADMR's performance. Mods by Marvellousguppimovies, JudyAnn88 (Miss Turner's wigs, costumes and Makeup an Roman costumes) Ranger roman soldier costumes, Frenhofer, Frass, Temple Onald, Reacher. Tarison, and KRC. I want to thank everyone who helped so much over the last two years in bringing this to the screen. You made my dream come true. Written by TheMGMKid. Directed by TheMGMKid