KV` Bathroom set demo

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Description: Our moviestormers must be feeling a bit dirty by now, after all they have had no bathing facilities. Well that`s where I step in, I give you a bathroom set! Comes complete with everything you need for bathing, showering, number ones and two`s and more. This pack contains 17 props for use in moviestorm, which are: 1 Bath (can be stood in and sides accept user images/textures) 1 Sink (Tiles accept user images/textures) 1 Bathroom cabinet (wall montable and accepts user images/textures) 1 Toilet (can be sat on) 1 Toilet brush (wall mountable) 1 Toilet roll (wall mountable) 1 Shower (wall mountable) 1 Shampoo 1 Soap 1 Tooth brush 1 Shower cubical (tiles accepts user images/texture) 1 Towel rack 1 Toilet roll 2 Shower screens (scalable) 1 Bath water (scalable and has gentle motion animation) 1 Sink water (scalable and has gentle motion animator) Enjoy this fine pack :) Download link: http://www.machinimods.com/modder.aspx?id=659&artist=KV
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