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Description: Voice Work by BenTuttle90, thanks Ben. A man reflects on the mistake that destroyed his life. A short film made for fun. Constructive criticism would be much appreciated. Music from Incompetech Pistol Sound Effect from For those who did not understand the ending, read below. *********SPOILERS************ *********SPOILERS************ *********SPOILERS************ The final TV clip shown is from the awful, trashy MTV show "Jersey Shore", one of many of it's kind. Go on Youtube, look up this show, or any similar shows to see how long it takes for you to hate it. I understood that some might not understand it, but as I said, made it for fun. I wanted to bring up the issue of trashy TV shows such as this one, and just to show how appalingly stupid they are. I originally planned to have a serious ending to the film, but I really liked this idea.
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