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Description: Perverted Summary: Jimmy's mother is taking a shower, and Jimmy walks into the bathroom, unaware that she's there. Hilarity ensues in this little spin-off of Psycho. Genre: Suspenseful/Comedy Length: 3:44 Comment from the director: After watching this many times in Post Production, I shuddered every time I heard the mother speak. Imagine if this was your mother. *Shudders* Cast: Jimmy is played by Howie Jimmy's Mother is played by Jenniza Music: Loyd's Horror Theme Music Del's Psychotic Strings Alan400's music stopper Sounds: Makrim83's scream 1, and 2 sounds Overlays: "A TPK Production Presents: TPK, Kitty in a Poptart box courtesy of MSN images Alfred Hitchcock entry Perverted Overlay: TPK, image provided by the internet. I want to thank everybody, especially the cast. Without them, this film wouldn't be possible. Special thanks: Jenniza for her inspiration of her performance of The Mother. Inspiration of choice: This little Stella Mudd clip. Watch it. It's hilarious. Thanks again, Jenniza! Trivia Time! A little trivia of the day: The inspiration from my movie came from That 70's show, Home Movies, and Chicken Little, the movie. You'll notice it while watching the movie. If you don't, you should watch these shows. Especially Home Movies! Why? Because they rock my socks! If I forgot anything, or anybody, let me know. If I did, I'm sorry, and I'll fix it. Enjoy! TPK
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