Ashley Porter and Shadow Meet Laddie

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Description: Ashley Porter is back, but now it's the animals' turn to take the center stage in this classic adventure for the whole family! Ashley, under orders to take some R&R by her OSS superiors, meets the British SOE's Captain Timothy Martin, partner to that brave canine recipient of the Dickin Medal, Laddie! Porter and Martin are both on leave in the quiet little village of Squatney-on-Thames, where the only exciting thing going on is Lord Melbury's fox hunt. Ashley's trusty black mare Shadow and Laddie become fast friends as they explore the countryside and run afoul of the officious Constable Harris, who is especially upset to have unlicensed animals at large in his jurisdiction! But Laddie's trained nose finds something even more serious afoot - there's a Nazi spy in the village! Can Laddie and Shadow convince their masters before it's too late?
Categories: Mystery Action Comedy