A Split Second

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Description: This is the director's cut of A Split Second, the movie that won me an Xbox 360 that I quickly gave away - original film was 7 and a half minutes or so, due to contest restrictions (gotta hate time restrictions). This cut restores a couple of the gags that I had to cut, slows down the dialogue to it's original length, etc. etc. It was originally released as part of the long and narcissistic A Night At The Movies, but I figured I'd chop it out and give it its own time in the sun. Original credits: Bernie Rose thought that when a blood vessel in his brain blew out and he died in a cheap hotel room, he'd be going to Heaven or Hell.... He didn't know that a guy named Bob had other plans for him.... Starring: rjb2112 alex2112 FoDoog Norriefpb theMonktheMonk Lisa Robinson and...uh....me.... Music by: RhythMystik (used by permission) Lionhead Studios Mods and Costumes by: marvelousguppimovies Frooplet Sound effects: The Freesound Project
Categories: Art House Comedy