Project Sadako Session 1

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Description: Movie by Buccura. Released Jan 2006. Finally, after many weeks of modding textures, outlining, getting VOs, music, and other things, the first half of Project Sadako is finally complete! Its a very heavily modded movie with over 200 modified textures, custom music, full VO, and a bizzar storyline that at this point will have a lot of plot holes that will, at least most, will be awnsered in session 2. Its classed as horror, however this will go for the more bizzar and strange type of horror rather than the "ZOMG SCARY" horror. The story is basically a woman in her mid 40s named Margaret is contacted by her friend Daniel about an assignment, which is to bring in a "Loony girl" who calls herself Sadako back to the city. Things of course, if Margaret has learned anything from her "Ghost hunting days", things can get much more complicated. VO credits are Sadako: Azuresama Margaret: Myshinator Daniel: Buccura ???: Phredcetrea Music credits "Opening" Tomservo3K "Electrojazz" Dirtydigital from the ROYALTY FREE Newgrounds Audio portal.
Categories: Horror
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