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Description: based on a real life turd, can u spot any movie bloopers? anyfuckinway this is a 3 month effort remake of "Buffalo Texas" which was a 5 day effort fuck up, since i learned how to mod a chainsaw and nudity into it & most of the time was just toying with shit & as a whole i had 150 mintues of shots & multiple angles i trimmed down to just 14 little minny's~ as of Novemeber 30th 2007 it was completed and uploaded on google & myspace videos~ few months later i decided to fuck it up again since i grew a little uncomfterable with it not making much sense so i had 30 minutes of new scenes that were trimmed down to 10 minnys that would've grew the scale out and hav a little more visual sense to comprehend, but before i was able to work it into the movie my pc blew a nut & had to wait 3 months to save up for whut ended up being a gateway and uploaded a completly naked movies game again~ anyfuckinway in the end only changes i made was the ending's score, ANYFUCKIN LODI DODI DA heres a link to the other scored version~ http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=6609874329319861877&ei=t4GSSbjaFoqsrAKL3_C8Cw&q=HELL(.)WEED&hl=en&emb=1
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