Aussie Ninja Tales - Tale #1

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Description: Aussie Ninja Tales - TALE #1 (PILOT EPISODE) The Tales begin as Ninja Dave and Shogun Shane travel to an archaic library, buried deep underneath the streets of Melbourne to locate the mysterious Book of Ultimate Knowledge, for their Grandmaster Dala. However, they are not the only ones who seek the book... ----------------------------------------­----------------------- Gday mates! DCAH Productions presents... Animations. Aussie Ninja. Aussie Samurai. Adventures. Fun. Wacky villains. Beer. More Beer. Join Ninja Dave and Shogun Shane for a bit of fun as they create their own legend, through their series of Aussie Ninja Tales! Don't forget to drop us a comment and like and subscribe to our new channel! JOIN US ON FACEBOOK HERE: -------------------------------- About the series: Aussie Ninja Tales is a new fun comedy/action machinima series produced by DCAH Productions, consisting of long-time Aussie mates David Caire and Andrew Harbis. The series is filmed with The Movies game and edited in Cyberlink Powerdirector. Starring David Caire as Ninja Dave and Andrew Harbis as Shogun Shane. ----------------------------------------­----------------------- Episode Credits: As always, this episode couldn't have been possible without a bit of help from some mates... All credits in film.
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