Moby's Dick

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Description: Jeesh,all my problems trying to upload this,and after all of my meticulous sound and VO placement,I now have a sound-sync problem...well,try to overlook that annoyance while watching:-)Maybe I should re-upload?ack! This movie is a full-length version of a drawing I did way back in 1990...with a few changes and alot of additions haha:-D This story sheds some light on the true origins of the Moby Dick story;-D Thanks to StokeStudios for his great music,Sisch for singing my stupid song haha,and Kwistufa for his funny whale VO(I hope you can laugh at what I did to you haha:-D) And before anyone comments about this>>yes I know there was no binoculars back then haha,and I want to remind people that I treat my movies more like cartoons rather than real-life junk,so lighten-up and don't get so is too short,and it's more fun to not take stuff so seriously:-) I actually started this movie in February,but until the last 2 months or so,I wasn't sure I was even going to finish it,much like many ideas wasting away on my computer... This also went wayyyy over the intended original length of 4 to 6 minutes lol oh well...
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