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Description: The year is 2669. Humanity has spread amongst the stars, and is now split apart by the trivialities of politics. The two largest Human factions are the Capitalist Solarian Empire, headed by the mysterious and illusive Illuminati agents, and the Communist Liastrian People's Republic, whose population are kept in an indefinite state of propaganda-fueled patriotism and hatred for their capitalist neighbors. These two factions are locked in a cold-war state, with neither side willing to be the first to pull the trigger - so they have turned to other means to wage their wars: Espionage. An elitist Imperial Politician - herself a Liastrian turn-coat - and soon-to-be-queen of the Empire, Natasha Anderson, is now the target of assassination of Liastria's finest squad of Commandos: The PHANTOMS (Artorious, DNR, OD-Ork-Boy, Meowan). The Phantoms have gotten a link to what appears to be documents regarding the whereabouts of Anderson's location, located on the Imperial world of New Calgary. Their goal is to infiltrate the planet, find the documents, and carry on with their original mission: to assassinate Anderson. Meanwhile, Emperor Jonathan Ferguson (JazzX) and the devious Illuminati agent "Mister Sinchex" (Goofparade) stand by in a remote barracks to observe the testing of a new Illuminati experiment. The experiment's targets: The PHANTOMS - CAST - Artorious - Sgt. Banes Persekel, DNR - Cpl. Corrix Jakule, OD-Ork-Boy - Pfc. Frank Bishop, Meowan - Pvt. Alder Yeager, JazzX - Emperor Jonathan Ferguson, Goofparade - "Mister Sinchex", BlazeLeeDragon - Cpt. Johan Kelmeraz, Howitzer - Janitor, Cruise1970 - Helms, Sparky1512 - Imperial Soldier, - MODS/SOUND EFFECTS/OVERLAYS-, Rik-Vargard, Alphadrop, Tarison, Safetycopy, Bongoman, OD-Ork-Boy, - MUSIC (In order) -, Nukester - "Phantoms Theme Song", Eobaggs - "Jazzy/blues song", FredTheDuck - "Defeated", FredTheDuck - "Prepare For Battle", Nukester - "Collosus Illuminati", MUSIC CREDITS (In sequence), "Phantoms Theme Song" - Made by Nukester, for specific use with this film, "Jazzy/Blues Song" - Made by Eobaggs, downloaded from, "Defeated" - Made by FredTheDuck, downloaded from, "Prepare for Battle" - Made by FredTheDuck, downloaded from, "CollosusIlluminati" - Made by Nukester, for specific use with this film, MOD CREDITS The credits and Phantoms logo - Created by safetycopy, Space Helmet - Created by BusStopWilly, downloaded from, K-7 mods - Created by Rik-Vargard, downloaded from, Tarison's Blue Screen Mod - Created by Tarison, downloaded from, Sci-fi Apartment set & prop - Created by MarvellousGuppiMovies, downloaded from, Urban Camo Marines - Created by Alphadrop, downloaded from, "Green Planet Overlay" - Created by Bongoman, downloaded from, Sci-fi addon pack - Created by Alphadrop, downloaded from, Additional gun and ship sounds created by me using Audacity. ADDITIONAL CREDITS AND THANKS ThePopTartKid for his contributions to the script. Leora, Andy_Inc, Purgatoryfire, Zerodaimu, and everyone else who offered to give comments on the script (Even if most of them didn't reply, hehe). My folks, safetycopy and Dark_Lucia, for their continued support of this project. Conor, Johnathan, Charles, Ashley, Mark, Fred, Kenn, Liam, Ian, and all the others - it'll live on through our memories and these films forever. An Extra thanks to Nukester for his awsome music.