Con The Don - Gangster Season

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Description: Con The Don: Episode Seven: Gangster Season ~~~~~ In this episode of Con The Don... "The "Gangster Hunting Competition" has now just begun. It's a time when gangsters all over the world hibernate in fear of hunters, such as Hunter Terry... However, when Hunter Terry catches up with both Con The Don and Barry the hitman, both Con and Barry scheme ways to get the other killed by Terry; who's determined to land himself some points, no matter if it's Don season or Hitman season..." Rated: PG (mild language and mild violence) ~~~~~ MODS: Set dressing mod from DCModding Scene Expansion by Dr_House Blue 19'er + Floor Tiles by Tarison, available on DCModding Empty Rural forest (lowered) by me Snowshack by Fraas Umpire uniform by me House props by Riley man Buildings as Props from DCModding (?) Pill Prop from Fraas ~~~~~ CAST: Andy_Inc as: Everyone ~~~~~ Music/SFX: Intro theme by me using MixCraft "ProtoFunk”, "Scheming Weasel", "Monster Premenade" by Kevin MacLeod ( ~~~~~
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