Capitol Initiation

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Description: By alexBradley Return to CAPITOL! Our heroes wake up to a city that is changing before their eyes in the wake of new terror attacks. The choices they make will change the course of CAPITOL -- but it remains to be seen if they will help -- or harm -- their future. CAPITOL: Initiation is the highly anticipated second chapter in a futuristic morality tale. Don't miss CAPITOL: Origin! Voice Acting by: AlexBradley Artorius BlazeLeeDragon Bricksfilms Lizard Pookashells ReneeCamus Mods provided by: AlexBradley - Bricksfilms - BusStopWilly - Dannisky - Dr House - Drucifer67 - Fraasmovies - Frenhofer - Hirsches - HoldMyKidney - JudyAnn88 - KirinRiotCrash - MarvellousGuppiMovies - Monkeybiz - MrRainbow - NickPalumbo - Ozman69 - Ranger21 - Reacher - Rik Vargard - Rysto - Samyhouse - Sturk - Tarison - Ubernewbie - Walvince - Music: Sisuki by Anahata * Clouds by Rik Vargard Hemisync Brainwaves by Anahata * Stratospheric Movements by Anahata * Danse des Deux Lames by soundamantium * Hypertrain by Home Sweet Home by Gregoire Lourme * Dumdrum by No Me O Ubau by thecatsred Haunted by Pill * * These artists appear courtesy of Creative Commons ---- Well, CAPITOL Initiation is back, hopefully for good! It has an all new soundtrack, but nothing else has been altered from the original "Director's Cut." Enjoy!