Jonathan Coulton - Shop Vac

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Description: Shop Vac Song by Jonathan Coulton Video by Christopher the Curmudgeony Librarian Shop Vac is Jonathan Coulton's ode to life in the suburbs taken from Thing a Week One Find his awesome music at Christopher the Curmudgeony Librarian works as a librarian and internet misanthrope. Visit his work over at Find the Respect The Escalator Shirt at Special thanks to Lionhead Studios' game "The Movies" for the software on which this video was made. Thanks to the modders that helped make this possible Alshten--Grey Dress, Stockings Atypikk--Dijon Market,Shopping Trolley BenTuttle90--Corner Building Prop Biggstrek--All Cars In All Car Scenes DirectorAdam90--Gothic Grunge Dress Disthron--Giant Monster props FraasMovies--Shop Façade,Empty Street JohanSturk--For Sale Sign, Min_Ville MarvellousGuppiMovie--Entertainment Centre MelGhoul--Teeshirt Colors Rysto--American Flag, Weather Effects The Movies Workshop--Set Dressing unlocker and general support Ending music is Seahorse by Jonathan Coulton