Cascades of Time - Production Teaser Trailer

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Description: This is an early-stage Teaser Trailer for the upcoming mega production Cascades of Time. You can see a synopsis and more detailed info by going to the link below. Whet your appetites and feast your eyes... Cast: Commander Jane Saratoga - Winter 11 Sergeant Dana "Peril" Rice - Amanda Mack Kara "Angel" Ivanova - Anoushka White Professor Elton Newton - Plankton (who indeed gets the last word) New Soviet Secretary General Fiodor Zhukov - Orky Sergeant El-Malec/Major Ulianov - Moonshadow Rogue Soundtrack: John Williams - The Immolation Scene Special Sound FX KDH Laser Autogun 02 KDH Snapfire Explosion 01 Mods: 8-Eyed Baby Alphadrop FraasMovies House Mods JimboWelcome MikeDBoing Rysto Tarrison Tigereyes MarvelousGuppi