Friends vs Foes 4: Home Alone (3D Movie Maker)

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Description: Just uploading these crap films and getting it over with. Better stuff from we WILL come in the future, I asure you. And here we have yet another entry in this series of masterpieces. This one is rather special. Not because it's particularly well-made, but because it's a complete rip-off (or at least inspired by) the Home Alone movie franchise. The concept is pretty much the same (being left at home by parents, setting traps for burglars e.g) and I even stole many of the trap ideas from the series. SPOILER: For a strange reason, traps are set all around the city rather than just one house. And why are these films set in New York City and why is the World Trade Center still intact? I should have kept those out for respect of 9/11 victims, but I guess I didn't know any better at that age. Out of them all, this probably has the worst dialogue. There's even completely unrelated scenes featuring some scientist guys and a showing of the default movie \"Bongo\" in which he (SPOILER) turns into a giant dog at the end for no reason. What complete nonsense these films are. Cannot believe I called these the best 3DMM flicks ever made, I should have discovered the 3DMM community earlier considering their movies make mine look like crap. And as poorly-made as this film this, I guess some would say it is better than Home Alone 4 (one of the worst sequels ever made). Anyways, enjoy this trainwreck.
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