We Are Not Alone

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Description: Rated PG-13 for Fantasy Violence, Carnage and Menace. On the way home from an unnamed planet, Commander McCoy (Bob Saget) and Lt. Fox (Jason Anderson) return to Twilight City on Earth to find it destroyed! They go on a hunt to hunt down Scar (Darren Fox) and Lord Xenon (Tim Goddard Jr.) because they believe they are the culprits! Full of Epic Battles and Great Duels, We Are Not Alone does not dissapoint! Voiceovers by my Dad and I, and this is his first TMO Appearance! Mods from 8eyedbaby.com and Skinshack. DIRECTOR NOTE: This project took me none more than two full days of almost non-stop work. Please leave your honest review for this epic film. If I get some positive reviews, you may see a sequel sometime soon! So, from Goddard911 himself, Enjoy The Show!
Categories: War Action Science Fiction