Born To Fail - Episode 2

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Description: Born To Fail shows what the GTA video editor is capable of. It combines Montage and Storyline, Eyecandy and Audiogasm! Support the series! Leave a comment or share the video. :) Questions? Critique? Feedback? I'll be happy to answer your questions and like to hear your opinion on this episode. Credits: Born To Fail - created by ArtificialArtist Episode 2 written and directed by ArtificialArtist music by DOUBLESPIN [] - Get Over It [Acidic Mix] - written&composed by D. Rosenthal - Get Over It [Abyssal Mix] - written&composed by D. Rosenthal All Songs produced & mixed by ArtificialArtist, performed by DOUBLESPIN Add. Visual Effects by ArtificialArtist This episode was entirely filmed within the GTA Engine. Without Grand Theft Auto IV a cinematic approach on machinima like Born To Fail would not be possible. Thank you @Rockstar Games for one of the best games in history and for enabling us to have the best tools to make machinima. Production Notes: Almost 3 years ago i began work on the second installment of BTF, filmed entirely within GTA IV. Why did it take so long to finish? Well, where to start.. The soundtrack: Get Over It was a song i started in 2010, i was in a clubgoing mood and eventually ended up fiddling around with drum patterns. Over time, the song grew one me, and thus it began to evolve. In the end it was 3 different versions of the same song. Until i wasn't fully satisfied with the song, it obviously couldn't be used in the movie, the Acidic Mix, the song-version you hear in the main part of this episode, was only finished in early 2014 and replaced the previously used Main Mix. The Filming: Filming in GTA isn't as easy as it looks. Problem no. 1 is to get the right shots Problem no. 2 is to find the best camera angles for your shots Some of the scenes took hours, sometimes days to capture. That moment the barkeeper passes the glass, and for Luis to grab it was one of the tougher shots to get. The Editing: Editing went smooth at a unsteady 3-20 frames a second. I use an outdated editing program with a medium fast laptop to edit my videos, it usually works rather well, though in the case of BTF it's much much different. Lag, lag, lag. But i still worked my way around it, even if it took longer. I haven't counted all the shots, but it were quite a few, as well as unused shots. BTF 3, here i come!