The Song Of Amergin, A Samhain Story

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Description: An ancient Celtic poem which speaks of the origin of the Universe, the nature of the Gods and the path to Wisdom. In my film version, King Arthur having recovered Bran The Blessed's talking Head, brings this head to a Samhain gathering where Bran recites The Song of Amergin to the assembled gathering; I am a Stag of the seven Tines, I am a flood on the Plains, I am a wind over the deep Waters, I am a shining tear of the Sun, I am a hawk on a Cliff, I am a wonder among Flowers, I am a God with fire to fill the Head, I am a battle aging Spear that roars for Blood, I am a Salmon of wisdom in a clear Pool, I am a hill of magickal Poetry, I am a wild Boar, ruthless and red, I am a breaking wave of the winter sea. Who but I invokes the ages of the moon, knows where the sun rests? Who but I gives birth to all that was, that is and that shall be? Who but I knows the secret of the unhwen Dolmen? Poem by Amergin, translation by Robert Graves;The White Goddess. ( ) For more details please see myBlog The Dance Of Life here ( ) Cast; As Bran, King Arthur and Amergins Animals (co Grendels Children), FreeSky Republic, The Voice of King Arthur, By King Arthur Pendragon, Celtic Warriors, Pagan Fetivalees and Ghosts; Benno Sands, Bonnie Gladstone, Cartier Attenborough, Jasmin Nansen, Katherina Auer, Lolita Xaron, sann Release, Vapax Uggla, wicked2712 Bearsfoot. Filmed at; Anam Turas, Gaia Rising co Enchantress Sao, Beond The 9th Wave, at Mystica, co FreeSky Republic.
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