Red and Dead 3: The Lone Fight

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Description: Rated R - Strong Graphic Violence Throughout, Blood and Gore, Use of Tobacco, Thematic Elements, Disturbing Images. The Final Movie in the Red and Dead Trilogy! Don't watch until you have seen Parts One and Two! You won't understand the story! SPECIAL THANKS TO HELLOISEEU FOR VO'S 4 years have passed since the murder of Clint Moffid's brother. Wild Bill has escaped from jail. The town of El Palvo has gone turned into a violent and chaotic place once again! Clint Moffid is the only one who can stop Wild Bill and the Prospector! The age of Cowboys and Indians is coming to an end... But how will it end? Mods from 8eyedbaby and Skinshack, Blood Mod from 6-headed monster. Sorry about the music overpowering the VO's don't rate badly because of that! Here are the lines of Wild Bill that are hard to hear: "You shouldn't have told the Sheriff about me!" "I'm worried that Sheriff Clint will overpower us!" "You're probably right... No one can stop us!" Don't rate badly from hard to hear VO's please. I made them as loud as possible! CAST: -Helloiseeu- Wild Bill -Goddard911- Sheriff Clint Moffid, and all other lines!
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