Gangster Nation 2

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Description: By UrinatingTree Hotpick?! 1st ever?! Everybody Boogie!!!!! Don't stop either... I mean it! I worked hard on this piece, and I hope it shows in your minds. Anyway, this movie is the conclusion to the critically-acclaimed Gangster Nation series. Yes, I know it's VERY long, but it'll be worth it. I swear to something, but am too lazy to say what in case this movie is bad. Gangster Nation 2 continues where Gangster Nation 1-2 left off, with the three gangsters setting off on their respective deeds. Questions will be answered! - Will Bertram succeed with the Ultimate Prank? - Will Ignatius ever find the Historical Archives? - Will Thomas find and defeat Cool D with his magic powers? - Why did they get sent to 2009? - Does Cool D ever get the crackers for their infringement of his territory? - When will I get off of the drugs? All of these questions and more will be answered during this movie. ==Cast== UrinatingTree... well, that's it. Now you know why all of the voices sound alike! Gangsters! Republicans! Anarchists! Crackers! What's there to lose? The music in this movie is entirely custom and was hosted by Newgrounds, Flashkit, and Wikipedia. The songs during the gangster scenes are... Helen Humes - "Song of the Wanderer" Mississippi John Hurt - "Nobody's Dirty Business" Mississippi John Hurt - "Louis Collins" Tommy Johnson - "Big Road Blues" Once again, ALL OF THESE SONGS ARE IN THE PUBLIC DOMAIN. NOTE: If you want to understand anything going on in this movie, it is recommended, but not mandatory, that you see Gangster Nation and Gangster Nation 1-2 before seeing Gangster Nation 2... it's common sense, right? NOTE: Due to that ambience bug, I put subtitles on the conclusion, since it would be tough to hear due to the damned traffic If this is your movie and you would like it removed please contact us.
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