Smothered Hope

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Description: By Flipmanburn (If this is your movie and you would like it removed, please contact us) Follow a maniac's strange decent into his own madness, in this highly disturbing short film. From raw, unnerving shots. To the ultra powerful, original ambient score. This movie will not only shake your mind, but your very soul, with it's dark, artistic style and unflenching take on pure evil. Directed by S. Von. Kissler WARNING: The following film may not be for you! It contains very touchy subject matter and might not be for everyone. If you are heavily offended or effected by any type of subject dealing with God or religion, please do not watch this movie. (Flips thoughts: This strange movie was primarly designed to ask more questions, than give any real answers. The film has no real plot and basically centers around one man discussing his own sanity. Everything else, like where he's going, and who he really is, is all left up to the viewer's imagination. That's how I wanted it, and I think it works well for this type of "art house" style film. I'm very pleased with the overall outcome of this project, and personally think this is my best work to date.) CUSTOM MUSIC: flipmanburn - 2007 This film was ranked the number one horror flick for the weekend of Feb. 23, 2007. Thanks to everyone who reviews and supports this film! created by: flipmanburn - feb.2007
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