The Nobbit - Part 2

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Description: The Nobbit is an irreverent take on JRR Tolkien's The Hobbit. It features a cantankerous, foul-mouthed old wizazrd, a vain, uptight dwarf and a reluctant but courageous nobbit. Script adaptation by AnimaTechnica, BiggsTrek, and Killian Music Direction by Goofparade Cast of The Nobbit part 2 in order of appearance Twilit.Tera as Rosey Palm MacWemyss as Dildo Goofparade as Gonedeaf Killian as Thorend BM McCauley as Ballin Act3Scene24 as Groin theMonk as Oyvis Anim8tor Cathy as Gollum Blaze Lee Dragon s Smeagol Kate Fosk as The Elf Queen Warlord as Finkleturd BiggsTrek as Orc 1 Mefune Akira as Be-O Norrie as Sean Kanary, Warg afterThought as Thorondor Twilit.Tera as Gofrefinger Alley as Snowpale BiggsTrek as MagicMirror and DL Watson as Santa-quila Musical Performance friendryfire Killian theMonk Anim8torCathy Twilite.Tera Soundtrack 'In Dreams' music and lyrics Howard Shore and Fran Walsh performed by Twilit.Tera \"In Dreams' finale performed by Mlle Celli The following Theme music performed y friendryfire on violin 'Concerning Hobbits' - music by Howard Shore 'Gollum's Song' music by Howard Shore 'Rohirrim Theme' music by Howard Shore 'Black Riders' music by Howard Shore 'Sindarin Song' written and performed by friendryfire 'I Hate the Nobbitses' written and performed by Anim8torCathy 'Jailhouse Rock' by Jerry Lieber and Mike Stoller Revised lyrics by AnimaTechnica, performed by theMonk 'Bad Boys' by Inner Circle 'All by Myself' by Eric Carmen revised lyrics by AnimaTechnica performed by Anima8torCathy 'That's the way i like it' by KC and the Sunshine Band '500 miles' written by The Proclaimers, revised lyrics by Killian and AnimaTechnica performed by Killian 'The Reefer Song' Mindless Drug Hoover 'Always look on the bright side' by Eric Idle Revised lyrics written and performed by Killian Series theme music by Goofparade Credits Costumes by AnimaTechnica and friends Alley for Woodelves, Snowpale, Rosey Palm BigBoss - Dwarves, Smeagol Shygirl - Oyvis Warlord - Be-O monk mesh Apparition - dyna-beards Props Warlord, Wolfzone, Borrowind Elven sword by Conan Elvish Gazebo by Henkie Tenk Ring by Yab Rendered in iClone 4.3
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