Genesis: A Streets of Rage Audio Fan Fiction

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Description: Original YouTube Air Date: Feb. 13, 2009 There was a lull period between chapters 2 and 3 of The Kennedy Report (hereafter called TKR), and the idea had been nagging at my head for some time to do a type of "origin" story with Streets of Rage. I wanted to do it on such a down low level, that I even asked two TKR cast members (and at that point, one future member) to assist in the secret project. This was an attempt to add more depth to the characters and the world, and make it feel like a believable catalyst to the events portrayed in the game. For slight humor's sake, I "Nolanized" the game's story. This is, without question, a favorite project, if not because of the chance to tell a story in such a brief time, but to do it for a more classic game series I still enjoy to this day. Not every game plot back in it's time can generate this level of direction, but I would hope that in time, it would inspire those to make something of their favorite series, no matter how old, new, or obscure. And yes, the title was chosen for double meaning =)
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