The Author Who Really Wasnt

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Description: By Sparrowtm Hot Pick - We are not sure what "Pop-Horror" means but it surely is a different approach on the horror genre. The movie features a full voiceover which is exceptionally well done - with a good editing and innovation written all over it. (Pop-Horror) Grumpy Sparrow Studios proudly presents a somewhat different approach on the horror genre. This film, featuring full voiceover, custom soundtrack and hyper-realistic fog that can reproduce, introduces the character of Laura, an inspiring book author. Laura has a ... minor problem: Her book doesn't like the style of her writing and begins to change and alter itself. Not a very nice book, as you have probably noticed. Who will win this struggle? The rebelling book or it's author? Addendum: All music tracks used in this movie have been found at and are licensed according to their non-commercial statement found here: The songs are "I was Paul" by Tom King, "Frontliner Blues" by Norrine Braun and "Native Spirit" by Cheryl Ann Fulton.
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