Con The Don - Eye Spy

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Description: Con The Don: Episode Eight: Eye Spy ~~~~~ "In this episode of Con The Don... "When Con The Don learns that King Sting; Don of rival family 'The Frosted Clubs Club', is hiding out in Area 51, Con and Harry the Hitman decide to pay King Sting a visit he won't be expecting... However, it's both Con and Harry who won't be expecting what they'll each find in Area 51..." Rated: PG (mild language and mild violence) ~~~~~ MODS: Set dressing mod from DCModding Scene Expansion by Dr_House Blue 19'er + Floor Tiles by Tarison, available on DCModding Empty Rural forest (lowered) by me Hanger by Fraas Barracks by Rysto House props by Riley man Dancing Girls By MarvelousGuppiMovies Rysto City by Rysto available on 8eyedbaby Barriers by GunsNRoses562 available on 8eyedbaby Red carpet by JudyAnn available on 8eyedbaby ~~~~~ CAST: Andy_Inc as: Con, Waiter 1 & 2, Sammy and the Soldier Frosty_Frost09 as: Harry Hitman Andrew's friend Veronica as: Waitress ~~~~~ Music/SFX: Intro theme by me using MixCraft "Serpentine Trek”, "Scheming Weasel", "Gagool" "Smoking Gun", "Desert City", "Basement Floor", "Barroom Novelty" by Kevin MacLeod ( Various monster sound effects from SoundDogs and ambience from thefreesoundproject. ~~~~~
Categories: Action Comedy