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Description: My entry to the International Filminute (one-minute film) contest. I've been asked what this meant, so to avoid annoying the viewers, here's the explanation. *SPOILERS* GoofParade (aka Mr. Speechless) is in favor of exercising his right to free speech while chatting on his cell phone. He then donates and gives up his cell phone to Mel Ein (the Man). GP loses his mouth. The Man now speaks on GP's behalf. Next Trewill (Mr. Sightless) gives up his book, and his vision. He now relies on the Man to tell him where to go and what to do. In sum it's about voluntarily giving up one's rights. It's bad for you. *END SPOILERS* The credits were shortened and flashed by quickly in order to make room for the film, so here are the full credits... CAST Mel Ein as The Man Goofparade as Mr. Speechless Trewill7 as Mr. Sightless (non-speaking role) Dulci as Miss Lifeless ADDITIONAL CREDITS Written and Directed by Joseph Kwong Music by Goofparade Hair by BudBundysMullet Sets by Tarison Visual Effects by Joseph Kwong Audio Effects by Joseph Kwong Edited by Joseph Kwong