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Description: WIKO ALIEN SHUTTLE for Second Life Alian characters in the spaceship/ Shuttle show clearly, this is not created on earth,this technology is far ahead of the earth technology, but we resourceful earthlings discovered how to fly these spaceships,and please don\\'t panic because of the many alien signs, flying is easy and there are some nice details. You don\\'t have to learn another language ;) The spaceship/ Shuttle is completely RP-capable (RP = real play = like in real life) You go to the spaceship,klick on the ramp, ramp rides out, you klick on the back door which opens and you go in. Inside there is a second door behind which sits the Pilot, The spaceship is well armoured, has a special protection shield in the front window,which the pilot will not notice inside,he can look through. aditional to the pilot 6 other passengers can join the flight, there is place for real play. The owner has lots of possibilities to program who is the Pilot: owner only group group and individual avatars (Persons) Individual friends/ Avatars (Persons) all Of course the owner can chnge this at all times. Facts: - Maximal of 7 persons (1 pilot and max. 6 other Persons) size: ca 17 meters long ca 7,6 meters high ca. 10 meters wide - simple to fly / steer 24 PRIMS