Bloody Tuesday

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Description: Viewer Descretion Is Advised. I think I need to explain this short movie. The date is September 11, 2001. The day when the fucked up terrorists attacked NYC etc. It's a Tuesday, therefore i called the movie Bloody Tuesday. My story takes place that morning in an apartment (bathroom) in New York City. There's a boombox in the bathroom. Over the boombox we hear the Radio-Host with a special news bulletin. And there's a scared, naked, cuffed woman in a bloody bathtube; with a paperback over her face. The Radio-Host announces the bad news about the terror attack and in the meanwhile a maniac, a serial killer or whatever you wanna call him enters the bathroom. The woman is scared as fuck. And then the maniac kills her brutally and laughs out loud. Thousands of people were killed that day, and I wanted to show with my short movie that also other people died that day, that time. In a car crash, by a serial killer, suicide, cancer, heartattack, stroke and so on. PS: Don't watch this movie if you don't like graphical violence.