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Description: Movie by Spaceman72. Originally released July 3, 2006. 1972 was a good year for chainsaw-wielding maniacs! In 1972 Brian and Violet encounter a mad serial-killer on their roadtrip. Soon they are faced to his favorite toy, the chainsaw. Can the couple escape from the sharp saw or will they slashed?! Starring: riott007 as Violet Spookey_Studios as Brian and kwistufa as "The Killer" The movie contains custom backgrounds, props as the usable chainsaw, effects and custom made music. The music in this movie was made with Magix Music Maker 2003 Deluxe. The Chainsaw Prop can be found here: Mods.php?ModID=500 ***PLEASE, If you use the Chainsaw Prop in your movies, then give me a credit in your movie or description!*** The movie is Rated-R. **** 1st in the Horror Charts on 06/07/06! **** **** Thx folks! :) **** **** Awarded Green Glades Studios - Diamond in the Rough ****
Categories: Horror