TV Teaser - Death Match

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Description: This two minute film was made as a segment of my larger feature DEATH MATCH. It forms part of the backdrop of the film, which is about a psychopathic reality TV show. Segments of this teaser will be shown repeatedly in the larger film as a rolling advert for the fictional programme. I thought it actually stood up on its own, so I decided to upload it in whole. Hopefully it will give people a better idea of what the whole film involves. Death Match is the story of one character, forced by cirumstances to take part in this programme, and the tragic and unpredictable outcome. I hope to release this full length film in Spring this year. NOTE THAT AS THIS IS JUST A FRAGMENT, IT DOESN'T HAVE CREDITS INCLUDED. Voice Over: Torqual Music: Bear McCreary 'Mandala in the Clouds' Mods: Dr House, Tarison, 8 Eyed Baby Full credits to everything/person involved in this project will appear at the end of the actual full length film.
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