High School Girls Part 2

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Description: Sorry for the low-res version of this film. I am trying to export a higher res version but keep encountering a sound bug. Once I am successful in defeating it I will replace this version. So here it is, warts and all -- what I consider to be my best movie, script and performance so far. Now for the same old rhetoric: This is Part 2 of a two-part movie. . **WARNING: THIS MOVIE FEATURES STRONG LANGUAGE, SEXUAL SITUATIONS, AND TEEN RAPE. IF YOU CONSIDER THESE TO BE OFFENSIVE, YOU MAY NOT WANT TO WATCH THIS FILM.** So here it is -- nine months of hard work. Fifteen if you count the research I did before starting the script. I am quite satisfied with how it turned out and hope you will be as well. If you find the movie troubling, if certain scenes make you a little uncomfortable, if you feel a sense of outrage at the actions of my antagonist, then I will know I have succeeded. People shouldn't feel comfortable watching this film becuase it doesn't pull many of its punches. I won't apologize for that, not as long as there are McAvoys out there in the world -- and they are out there, take my word for it. Those of you with children should not rest easily after seeing this film. There are so many people to thank, I hope I remember them all. I'll start with those of you who read the script in advance of my filmmaking -- you know who you are and, as I indicated at the time, your feedback was priceless. It helped me make the final tweaks into what became the bible for this movie. Naturally, I must thank the outstanding voice cast as well, particularly doc who took on a difficult part at the last minute and managed it brilliantly. In order of appearance: Jessica -- lucindamc123 911 -- de_sassman Dr. McAvoy -- rposhard Interrogator -- docontheweb Officer Cather -- sisch Father Coughlin -- rjb2112 Candace -- riott007 Reporters -- neuray-enterprises, rposhard, howitzer Desk Sargent -- cruise1970 Mrs. Breighton -- Pam Bazeley Mr. Breighton -- Dennis Bazeley Patrol Officer -- kuroken The amazing music you hear in this film was composed by norriefpb -- I could not imagine a more perfect score for this film. The 2 songs in this film -- "All Night and Nothing To Do" and "Give It Up" -- were written by Sam Mullaney and performed by The Willies. **NOTE: The songs in this movie are COPYRIGHT and are used here by special arrangement with the copyright holder. Any other use of these songs, without prior written permission, is PROHIBITED.** To learn more about The Willies and their music, or to order their CD, you can visit their website at www.thewilliesonline.com. A word about the mods: In the opening credits I list trippmills and fredtheduck for the cell phone mods. In the end, I was never able to get tripp's mod to work in my game and as a result it does not actually appear. He remains in the credits because of the days on end he spent trying to help me with them. People sometimes think I get on a high horse about the fact that I don't use mods in my films, but here and now I admit the truth: I don't use mods in my films because I am just too darn stupid to get them to work. Fredtheduck also provided the overlays for the opening and closing credits, and I thank him for his patience as well in teaching me how to use them. Fortunately for me, they are easier than mods. A word about the sound in this film -- I did everything I could to remove background hiss and buzz. Unfortunately, there were a number of times where I could not remove background noise without seriously distorting the voice and line. Being up againt a deadline and not having the time for retakes, I opted in those cases to minimize but not completely remove the background noise. Perhaps not the professional solution -- but then this is my hobby, not my job. As passionate as I am about my filmmaking, I sometimes have to compromise in order to satisfy my real life demands. I hope yo
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