"The Prisoner" Opening Comparison Test

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Description: On July 15th, I was doing my regular appearance on the TMOA Sunday Show with Ken and Monk, and I talked about the opening credits sequence for a '60s television show called "The Prisoner". I made the comment of how impressed I was that they gave you the backstory each week so you would have an idea of what was going on if you hadn't seen it before, and remarked on how unique I thought it was. Immediately, I was attacked by the co-hosts: "What about 'Gilligan's Island'? What about 'The Beverly Hillbillies'? What about 'Green Acres'? Those shows all gave you the backstory in their openings." I tried to explain the "The Prisoner" was different because it didn't rely on a goofy TV theme song. "What's wrong with goofy TV theme songs?" they cried almost in unison. So I decided I would try to illustrate my point. The first half of this video is the original opening to "The Prisoner" as it aired each week. The second half is the same opening, but with me singing a goofy TV theme show lyric. You be the judges: which opening do you think is better? Music by Ron Grainer. Lyrics by Richard Poshard. Sung by Richard Poshard. With apologies to the BBC, Ron Grainer, Patrick McGoohan and ITC.
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