More - a short test film

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Description: The second short film I premiered along with Batman: Man in Tights part 2 on Monday. It is a short improv piece I made when I was bored. Note: the person's views do not necessarily reflect my own views. Basically, the whole piece was improv'd. I made it up as I went along, then made up a dialogue to go with it, which was improv'd while I was recording too lol. Just an experiment to see what I could come up with when I was under pressure to perform on the spot. I'm fairly happy with the result with that in mind. Basically it's a psychological study on an average human. I took the persona of just a random person, no-one in particular, and tried to relay his thoughts on the world around him. It shows to me that he does not even realise that he has a basic human greed, a hunger for more. He speculates about the world, how it is unpredictable, about its wide expanse, yet at the end he still craves for more, even though he is little more than a speck compared to what we already have. Like I say, it was done on the spur of the moment and ideally I would have changed bits, made the message clearer, but this was just a test to see what I could do when put under pressure like that with no time to plan things out. Music by Yann Tiersen Any thoughts much appreciated :)