American Hero part 2

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Description: PLEASE WATCH PART 1 BEFORE PART 2. Thank you! American Hero is about a soldier memories of the Iraq war.Subtitle/No Vo's sorry. Mods from 8-Eyedbaby,Machinimods,Director's Cut Modding Foundry, and Housemods. Mods by MikeDBoings,Samyhouse,6-Headmonster, House,Frassmovies,Tarison,Frenhofer,Lizard, Harb40,Darkwolf176, and MarvellousGuppimovie. Music from Newgrounds. Music by Reel2 Thanks guys for your time to watch this film. Till next time,Peace out and Rock on!! NOTE: PLEASE TURN UP SPEAKERS for the music:) If you want too?
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