Post Mortem Graduate Directors Cut

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Description: Synopsis: Jack the Ripper has struck again. But this time, at a local college campus. Can Sherlock Holmes stop all the killings before it's too late, or will there be no students graduating this year? Title: Post-Mortem Graduate Genre: Horror/Thriller/Detective Era: 1888 Location: London Cast: Inukai(VAA): Watson Anath Jackson The Third(VAA): Dean Benson, and Detective Morrison Vilapupu(VAA): Dean Hames Usagi(VAA): Mary Mcnabe, Jackie Robinsoe, and Dina Kudrow SnakeEater42: Jack the Ripper Seymour(VAA): Sherlock Holmes Music: Creepy Horror in the Playhouse by Samuel Hebert Vampires lament by Ryan Huebinger That Final Hour by Ryan Huebinger
Categories: Horror Mystery Action